Video Service / Equipment

Looking for a little extra social media present? Look no further. Don’t just tell people your business, show it to them! Promote your work, share you special event, express your passion. A one stop shop for your videography need. We incorporate your wants with our video know-how to produce a visually stunning final product.

A simple 4 step process.

Preparing Your Estimate.

Before agreeing on a set price for our work. We ask you to confirm with us a few details to better understand the amount of time and resources to dedicate to its completion.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the purpose of your video?

Commit to a budget: Defining how much you are willing to spend is important to establish on what to spend the most time on. We can work with small or large budgets, but we do put every dolor on the screen. Keep in mind features like motion graphics, voice-overs, and sound design will add to the cost of your video.

Pre Production – Getting Ready.

Now that we’ve worked out who our video is for and why we’re making it, our team of creatives can get to work on concept development. Most of our clients have an idea what they need, it’s up to us to fine tune the details and add our magic touch. We’ll help organize your video resources, write a script, or help reword your interview questions to create a video that hits your target. Whether it’s to motivate your clients to action, showcase your stellar staff, or generate brand awareness, we’ll collaborate with you to create a video that resonates with your audience.

Video Production – The Shoot Day.

Projects can very in schedule. Depending on the factors that can and cant be control, you might be expecting the spend the whole day on site or only shoot half the day. The schedule might even require a number of days. Regardless, we plan to arrive on site before the designated time to scope the area out and start unloading any needed equipment. The idea is to provide enough to time to take more shots than are necessary. Lights might be need to create illumination. Sound quality outdoors needs greater attention and may require multiple shoots to capture the highest quality audio. Depending on the project, this process may vary from the Pre Production plan. On-sight inspiration at times can lead to the best video or photography.

Post Production – Editing Pieces Together.

Editing the collection of clips, audio, (or photos) is where the most time is expended. There may be any number of revisions to the project. At any point the client might be asked to give their input and offer suggestions. This may be repeated once or many times. The idea is that the client is offered opportunities to fine tune their product and propose corrections before the video is redured further down the production process.

Final Product.

Depending on the length of the video and format, the produced deliverables can sent via the established online delivery method (example: DropBox, GDrive) or as simple as a USB. If you posses a website or a social media account(s), assistance can be provided for uploading your video(s).  If you have questions at any point through these stages, or feel any kind of way, please let us know and further discussion can be had.

Preparing Your Estimate (20%)
Pre Production – Getting Ready (10%)
Video Production – The Shoot Day (30%)
Post Production – Editing Pieces Together (40%)

Sony Alpha a7II

Mirrorless Digital Camera w/FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens
Effective Pixels: 24.0 – 25.9 MP
Recording Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Image Stabilization
Weight: 5lbs



3-axis Hand-held Gimbal Stabilizers
Supports Cameras up to 10 Pounds
360° Freedom of Movement
App Control Adjustments
Battery Time: 3 hours
FeelWorld External Screen


DJI Mavic PRO Platinum

4K Video resolution
3-axis Gimbal
Active Subject Tracking
Panoramic Flight Videos
30-minute flight time x 3 batteries