Education Specifics

Marymount University

Bachelor’s Degree
Double Minor in Web Design and Interactive Media
Dates attended:

Notable Personally Developed Skills
Selenium Automation Scripts

Work History

AMS and Website Administrator

MORS (Military Operations Research Society)

Working with a small team to assist the Operations Research of mostly military subjects.
Most work consists of the moving parts associated with upkeep on the website.
At times, during our events, I will double as event photographer and video editor.


  • Content Creator
  • User Management and Troubleshoot
  • Mobile Application Updates
  • AMS Management
  • Event Photographer
  • Event Banners and Fliers
  • Website Graphics
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Video Editor
  • Video Conference Setup (Zoom, Goto Meeting, Slack)
Began December 2019

Web Production Assistant

National Association of REALTORS®

Combination of:
Web Design, Developer, Graphic Designer, Content Specialist, and over all IT Geek.

Weekly Tasks
• Creating Site content
• Regression Testing
• Functionality Testing
• Mobile Testing
• Multiple Monthly NAR Realtor Reports (Time Sensitive Releases aka Embargos)
• Managing User Account Access
• Photo editing
• Git Repo Management

Skills Used
• Site Analytic (Adobe Market Place)
• Automated Test Scripts (Selenium/JavaWebdriver/BrowserStack)
• Photo Editing (Photoshop)
• Regex
• File Conversion and Compression (Images, Video, and Audio)
• Git Repos (Git Bash and SSH)
• Drupal, Wordpress, Scribd, Eclipse, Mac/Windows

May 2015 - December 2019

Web Designer/Developer

Military Operations Research Society

CMS: DotNuke (.Net content management system)

• Content Migration
• Consulting
• Email Templates
• Responsive Tables
• Mobile friendly content
• Interactive Menus
• CSS (color scheme changes)
• Graphics Modifications

October 2014 - December 2014

Web Production Assistant/Developer

Chief Administrative Officer

CMS: Drupal, Wordpress

• Mobile/Responsive CSS
• Panels/Views Creation
• Content Management
• Web Form Creation/Modiciation
• Git Version Control (Git Bash)
• Photo Modifications
• Google Analytics
• Social Media Integration
• Creating Site Backups
• E-mail Template Development
• Managing Mailing Survice (E-mail News Blasts)

Projects Highlights
• Managing Congressional House Drupal Sites
• Building Congressional Caucus Drupal Sites
• Teaching Drupal classes for House and Caucus Members and Employees
• Working with Congressional Offices to troubleshoot site/content issues

Contracted by CAO from Newport Hall Inc. to assist the House of Representatives with their daily changes to representatives websites. Standing up new websites, managing artistic changes to site imagery, dealing directly with web vendors, and educating staff members on how to create and update content.

January 2014 to October 2014